Who Can Request Service?
A request can be made by anyone, but service can only be provided with an order from a physician.

Who is Eligible?
A client should be homebound, needs intermittent care and require skilled medical care from a health care professional.

How Does a Patient Enroll in Our Service?
Discharged from a hospital, from a nursing home, referred by your primary physician, referred from the community or by your friends, clergy and others. You can also call our office for self referral.

Who Pays For Our Services?
The patient’s personal doctor prescribes our services which are usually paid for in full or in part by Medicare or other private payment or third party payers.

How Safe is My Confidential Information?
Not only Good Shepherd Healthcare, LLC but all of our contractual providers strictly abide by the rules of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Every patient is advised of their rights and duties to the privacy and confidentiality of their information which we at Good Shepherd Healthcare, LLC will safeguard with utmost care.

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