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Promoting overall health and wellness through professional medical care

Our team of skilled nurses will coordinate the treatment plan provided by your physician with the other healthcare professionals to help meet your needs and give you the best care possible.

During the first visit, a registered nurse will make a general assessment of your condition, which will include asking about your medical history, assessing your overall health, and gauging your ability to manage your medications and treatments.

One of the most critical duties of your RN is to provide medication reconciliation to avoid omissions, duplications, dosing errors, or potentially dangerous drug interactions. Your nurse will also evaluate the safety of your living environment and the ability of you and/or your family member to access emergency help if needed.

Specific services provided by our team of licensed nursing personnel include:

  • Monitoring of vital signs and blood glucose level
  • Administration of infusion medicines
  • Peripheral/central IV line care
  • Monitoring of anti-coagulation medicines (Coumadin or Warfarin)
  • Wound care and prevention
  • Feeding tube care
  • Foley catheter care
  • Patient care teaching on nutrition, disease control process, intervention, and prevention
  • Diabetes management
  • Pain management

Your designated RN will coordinate with your doctor regularly to modify your treatment plan when necessary according to your needs and response to treatment.

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